Institute of Bharathanatyam and Oriental Music

Kalaimanram was founded by late W. M. Cumarasamy of Jaffna, father of “Kalabhooshanam” Shrimathy Thiripurasundari Yoganantham and Inaugurated by her Guru, ”Natya Kala Kesari” “Isai Perarignar” “Padmashri” Vazhuvoor B. Ramaiah Pillai on the 21st of Oct 1958 after her Arangetram held on the 18th of October 1958 at the town hall Jaffna.

Thiripurasundari as principal and chief instructress in Bharathanatyam, Kalabhooshanam Sathiabama Rajalaingam in charge of Carnatic vocal and Ram Cumarasamy as director and Shri Vazhuvoor Ramaih Pillai as patron, Kalaimanram since then continued to do dedicated service by teaching Bharathanatyam to all who desired to learn this divine dance form. In addition to regular classes at the Institution, Kalaimanram also held after school classes at leading schools such as Chundikuli Girls College Jaffna, Holy Family Convent Jaffna, Arali, Pandatheruppu and Isai Kalai Manram Chavakacheri.

Kalaimanram has had more than fifty Arangetrams in Jaffna during 1958 – 1986 and also several students have completed their diploma in Bharathanatyam at Kalaimanram. Kalaimanram has trained students to qualify as teachers at the examinations held by the North Ceylon Oriental Music Society (N.C.O.M.S). Several Dance dramas which were produced by Kalaimanram such as Bama Vijayam Kutrala Kuravanji, Aandaal, Kaveri and Sitham Azhahiyar a combination of Thevaram for the Navalar vizha.

In 1987, Kalaimanram was established in Colombo and since then continued its tremendous work with students who wished to have their Arangetrams and also for students who wished to do their diploma which was awarded by Kalaimanram.

Kalaimanram produced the dance drama, “Dheivathai” for the 4th world Hindu conference which was held in Sri Lanka, Colombo, and also has performed for the American Brass ensemble, French cultural delegation and on the occasion of the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury during his visit to Sri Lanka. Kalaimanram has its branches in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and United Kingdom.


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